SVHM Directory

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Streamlined directory for navigating the SVHM Intranet and software programs.

How to use it?

Whilst using a computer at SVHM (with access to the Intranet), visit this page to get a streamlined system for checking rosters, organising investigations, following up results and finding out numbers to external medical records.

Why did I make this?

Navigating the digital ecosystem at a hospital can be extremely difficult, especially if there are various online programs that are needed for different tasks. WHen starting at a new hospital or on a new rotation, it can be extremely difficult to remember where everything is located, and what forms are required. Furthermore, sometimes you might know where something is, but it takes more than three or four clicks to reach the page you want.

I created this application with the workflow of a junior doctor in mind, to streamline the most used processes together in a logical fashion that allows the user to access what they need quickly, which saves a lot of time and memory finding how to eg. order an echocardiogram.

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