SVHM Directory (BETA)

Doctor’s Rosters

Rosters Description
ROSTERS HOMEPAGE Link to Intranet Homepage of All Rosters
ED Roster ED Roster Homepage
Anaesthetics Roster Anaesthesia Australia login
AFTER HOURS Ward Coverage After Hours Roster: Evenings, Weekends, Public Holidays
SVHOP St Vincent’s on the Park Roster
Master Roster Master Roster of Rotations
FindMyShift View daily shifts



System Description
PAS Access to Patient Database - MRO, GEB, Vulcan can be accessed via PAS
deLacy Order Pathology/Imaging (general), Add-on Pathology (if correct tube previously taken)
Note: Pathology can also be ordered/added-on using the paper pathology slip
CIS View Pathology/Imaging
MRO Access to patient scanned forms, previous admission documents, create electronic admissions
Journey Board Access to submit referrals to: Allied Health, ACAS, GEM, Rehab, Palliative Care
Spok Paging Link to the Internal Paging System
Discharge Summaries Link to Summary of incomplete discharge summaries (by unit)


Investigation Description
General (via deLacy) General Imaging Requests (eg. X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT)
Echocardiogram CIU Request Form for: ECHO (TTE, TOE, stress), stress ECG, PPM/ICD check, Holter
EEG/NCS Neurophysiology Request Form for: EEG, Nerve Conduction Studies
To view results: Access Via MRO → Diagnostics
CTCA Request via Call: St V Private → Ask for Radiology/CT (requires radiologist approval)
MRI Request via Paper: Navy A4 page + Safety Questionnaire
If urgent, call the Radiology Reg (MRI Fellow) or Nurse Reception
DEXA Request via Paper: Brown CMMI Form
Scope Request via Paper: Orange A4 Form + Consent Form

Radiology Forms

Form Description s
MRI Safety Questionnaire MRI Inpatient Safety Questionnaire  
Diagnostic Referral Link to PDF of Medical Imaging Diagnostic Referral Form  
Interventional Referral Link to PDF of Medical Imaging Interventional Referral Form  
PET Referral Link to PDF for PET Request Form  

External Imaging Request

Form Description
CD (PDF) Complete and fax this form for imaging on a CD
Regional Imaging (PDF) Complete and fax this form for imaging requests from: MIA, iMED, Bendigo Health
Note: may need to call 1300 147 852 to have access prior to faxing form
MiX Transfer (PDF) Complete and fax this form for imaging requests from non-regional hospitals
St V Private For access to imaging from St Vincent’s Private
Call SVPH directly and ask to merge
SVHM MIA Access For access to SVHM’s MIA Account

Referrals (General)

Referral Description
Allied Health/ACAS/GEM/Rehab Add eConsult via Patient Journey Board
SVHM Outpatient Clinic Referral Paper: Red ‘Consultation Referral’ form

External Medical Records

Hospital Phone Number Fax Number
Alfred 9067 2644 9076 2424
Angliss   9871 3357
Austin 9496 5447 9458 4557
Ballarat 5320 4227 5320 4829
Bairnsdale Health 5150 3387 5320 4829
Barwon Health 4215 1170 4215 1242
Bendigo 5454 8312 5454 8314
Box Hill 9871 3655
9981 2790 [alt]
9871 3357
9895 3268 [alt]
Cabrini 9508 1222 9508 1596
Casey 8768 1371 9594 6227
Dandenong 9594 2112 9594 6227
Epworth 9426 6570 9429 9075
Frankston 9784 7446 9748 7818
Freemasons 9483 3690 9483 3350
GVH Shepparton 5832 2299 5832 2304
Hamilton Base 5551 8311 5551 8240
John Fawkner 9385 2451
9385 2400 [alt]
9385 2188
Knox 9210 7070 9210 7073
La Trobe Regional   5173 8100
Maroondah 9871 3655
9981 2790 [alt]
9871 3357
9895 3268 [alt]
Melbourne Private 8341 3400 8341 3478
Mercy - Werribee 8754 3600 8754 3601
Mercy - Womens   8458 4128
Werribee Psych 9928 7483 9928 7444
Monash 9594 2112 9594 6227
Northern 8405 8180 8405 8007
8405 8098/8633 [alt]
Peter Mac 8559 7400 8559 7335
8559 5008 [alt]
Royal Children’s 9345 6107 9345 6589
Royal Melbourne 9342 7359
9342 7780 [alt]
9342 8008
9342 4666 [alt]
Royal Women’s 8345 2600 8345 2623
RVEEH 9929 8230 9929 8228
Sandringham 9076 1249 9076 1507
SVPH/Mercy 9411 7695 9419 6852
Wangaratta 5722 5111 5721 2030
Warrnambool Base 5563 1666 5563 1463
Western - Sunshine 8345 6353 8345 1648
Western - Footscray 8345 6353 8345 6337


Pathology Centre Phone Number
Dorevitch 9244 0472
Clinical Labs 1300 134 111
Melbourne Pathology 9287 7777
4cyte Pathology 13 42 98

By Unit


Referral Description
Acute Pain Service Call via Switch for APS Registrar on call
Chronic Pain Service Paper: Red border referral form faxed to Chronic Pain Centre
Emergency theatre booking Complete via PAS: Lists and Views → New Request
HDU/ICU Bed Request Online request form for HDU bed requests
Short Term Admission Form Paper: Blue Short Term Admission Form


Cardiology Description
Prosolv View Echos and Angiograms images and reports
Cardiobase View all ECHOs, Angiograms, Stress Tests and Outcomes of Case Conference discussions
CIU Request Form Online request form for: ECHO (TTE, TOE, stress), stress ECG, PPM/ICD check, Holter
CIU Request List Check requests sent via the CIU Request Form
Heart Centre Online request form for outpatient referrals to Heart Centre (ie. Heart Failure Clinic, IHD Clinic)
Cath Lab List Daily List of Elective Cath Lab patients
Cardiac Rehab Locator Locate the nearest cardiac rehab centre to a patient’s address (in Victoria). MUST then be added to ‘Recipients’ list in the DC summary
Note: this is NOT an official program, was written by myself

Onc/Pall Care/GEM

Forms Description
NUCOG Access form via MRO: Patient UR → Cover → Forms → NUCOG
CCH Admission Access via PAS: Labels and Forms → CCH Admission assessment
EOLC Pathway Access form via MRO: Patient UR → Cover → Forms → Care Plan for the Dying Person Victoria
Death Certification For NON-REPORTABLE deaths only
Reportable deaths must be sent to the Coroner’s instead
Referrals Description
Palliative Care Referral to Palliative Care
In addition, please page/call the Pall Care Referrals Reg
Psych-Onc Referral Email Psych-Onc team (search via Outlook)
Radiation Oncology Paper: Referral Form to Genesis Healthcare
Cancer Centre O/P Email Cancer Centre Reception (search via Outlook)
St George’s Registrar Clinic Print referral form via MRO: Patient UR → Cover → Forms → Referral SACS
For patients requiring referral to St George’s Registrar Clinic
Community Palliative Care Directory for Community Palliative Care Fax Numbers



Program Description
Overtime Form Use this online form to claim unrostered overtime
Employee Health Connect Call 1800 440 339 to notify of any sick leave
Workday View payslips, online learning, update personal information
Kronos Connect to Kronos time to view and manage your timesheet rosters
Outlook Connect to your SVHM email via Outlook


Resource Description
Clinicians’ Health Channel Access (sign up required)
UpToDate Access to UpToDate: evidence-based clinical resource
eTG eTherapeutic Guidelines - via Clinicians’ Health Channel
AMH Access to Australian Medicines Handbook: evidence-based medicines reference - via Clinicians’ Health Channel
MIMS Access to MIMS Online: medicine information, product images and consumer medicine information - via Clinicians’ Health Channel
PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - for quantities, costs and streamlined Authority Numbers
For Non-Streamlined medications: please call 1800 888 333